The 2018 Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships

Haliburton, ON. Two Weekends, 10 divisions of epic Pond!


OPEN WEEKEND January 26-28 2018

Men’s Open Division: Competitive division with a minimum age of 25+
Men’s Rec Division: Competitive but with a bit more emphasis on fun 25+
Men’s Corporate Division: Competitive but with a bit more emphasis on fun 25+.
Women’s Corporate Division: Competitive but with a bit more emphasis on fun 19+
Women’s Open Division: Competitive division with a minimum age of 19 +

MASTERS WEEKEND– February 2-4, 2018

Men’s Masters Open Division: Competitive – with the legs moving a bit slower 35+
Men’s Masters Rec Division: Competitive but the focus is on “Where’s the Beer?” 35+
Men’s Grey Beards Division: Slow it down, enjoy the game, pass the Advil 50+
Women’s Masters Division: The ladies play hard and may party harder 35+
Women’s Rec Division: A fun & competitive division 19+

About the Event

  • One of the largest pond Hockey events on the planet!
  • On average, over 300 games are played over the two weekends
  • Teams from 18 US states and over a dozen countries (including Botswana and Japan) have played with us.
  • The CNPHC is followed on social media by people in over 50 different countries.
  • Between 700 – 1000 players will attend the event over two weekends.

About the Event Format

  • 4 Games (2 Friday – 2 Saturday) – Saturday afternoon/evening playoffs for qualifying teams only.
  • All teams must be available for a 12pm start on Friday of the tournament – this is a 2-day event (Fri/Sat) with qualifying teams moving on to Saturday afternoon/evening finals.
  • The CNPHC Organizing Committee reserves the right to alter the schedule at any time, especially when decisions need to be made due to weather conditions and unsafe ice surface.

About the Venue

  • All games and events take place at Pinestone Resort and the 14 acre pond in front of the resort.
  • Friday and Saturday Night Pond Parties hosted at Pinestone Resort featuring live entertainment, contests & prizes!
  • Two restaurants/bars rink side with patios.
  • Dinner tickets sold separately by Pinestone Resort (more details to follow)


All Team registration will be done through the Team Snap app. This is a FREE mobile app that makes it easier for us to communicate with you and for you to communicate and collaborate with your players. In January (and throughout the event), your full game schedule will be available on Team Snap. If we make changes to the schedule, all your team (that has the app) will be notified instantly. Less work for you!


  • Funds raised through our on line auction and clothing sales will be donated to Heat Bank Haliburton County and Central Food Network - two organizations that

    Another load of emergency firewood on its way.

    assist hundreds of people (35% of cases involve children) each year that are food or heat insecure.

  • The CNPHC bought two trailers that are being loaned to Heat Bank and Central Food Network to move food and wood when we are not using them.
  • Each year, a number of CNPHC volunteers and our owners donate hundreds of hours to these organizations.

Why Pinestone in Haliburton?

We strategically selected this location for a couple key reasons:

  1. The 14 acre pond in front of the resort is shallow (between 4-9ft deep) meaning it freezes quicker and deeper than most larger bodies of water in cottage country. If there is an ice surface capable of hosting a hard water event like ours (rather than cancelling), it’s here!
  2. The resort and its facilities are very close to the ice surface allowing teams to access the facility without walking a lot.
  3. Our event takes over the whole resort!

Host Resort and Venue: Pinestone Resort

4252 County Road 21, Haliburton, ON.
Phone# 705-457-1800, 800- 461-0357
Reservation email: